Battery Fires – The Dangers Lurking In The Junk Drawer

A recent house fire in PEI made the news this year due to the cause and location of the fire – batteries in the junk drawer. Thankfully working smoke alarms in the home alerted the family and they were able to extinguish the fire with just smoke damage to the home.

Emergency crews arrived and the fire marshal determined that the ‘C’ and ‘D’ size batteries that were stored in the drawer had started the fire. The two male ends of the batteries connected, creating heat energy and caught the combustible dish towels on fire.

Health Canada says it received more than 100 consumer reports over the last year involving batteries, everything from overheating to starting fires.

Another example of a house fire caused by batteries involved a couple of 9-Volts.

Please take the time to watch this video to see how easily a fire can be started involving batteries and combustible materials. We all have batteries in our home and with Christmas coming along with new toys or electronics more batteries may be purchased and stored. Let’s make sure they are stored safely.…/storing-9v-batteries-in-the-junk-drawer-…


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