Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are using your vehicle as part of your business you will need to have it rated and insured correctly. Depending on your business and use of vehicle, sometimes you may continue to have your vehicle insured under a Personal Lines policy, however sometimes you will require a Commercial Auto policy. At McDonell Levert Insurance we work with you to find the right policy and rating for your vehicle.

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Commercial Auto Insurance - McDonell Levert Insurance Servicing Alexandria

Although some exceptions may apply, here are some different examples between Business and Commercial Use:

Business Use
  • Sales person
  • Realtor
  • Cleaning person
  • Professionals visiting clients
  • Personal Support Workers
Commercial Use
  • Contractor
  • Landscaper
  • Snow remover
  • Farm vehicles
  • Hauling for others

There are also some key questions you will need to advise in order for you to be rated correctly

  • What is the minimum and maximum radius of travel?
  • How many trips per day?
  • Are you carrying any tools or equipment?
  • Any other drivers?
  • Any US exposure?
  • Do you require a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration?

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