When Driving Please Pay Attention, Slow Down, Yield and Stop


It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the tragedy that was the Humboldt bus crash claiming the lives of 16 people and injuring 13 others, and although it has been uplifting to see the outpouring of love and support towards those involved from not only in Canada but from around the world, we still wonder, how did this happen?

From those investigating the crash, the short story is that a truck was travelling westbound on Highway 335 and the bus was travelling northbound on Highway 35 at the time of the collision and it appears the driver of the truck did not stop at a stop sign and subsequently continued to drive through the intersection and hit the bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos and their staff.

Investigators have been spending the last 13 days trying to create the long story. Why did the truck not stop? What was the size of the stop sign? Where was the sign in relation to the intersection? Before the intersection, was there a warning sign of an upcoming stop sign? What was the trucking experience of the truck driver? Each answer resulting in more questions to be asked.

We can all learn from this accident and drive a little safer and be more aware to do our bit to ensure that we do not repeat the same accident even on a smaller scale. Do we all know all the Rules of the Road? Do we really know who should be yielding the right-of-way? Or what the difference is between a Controlled and Uncontrolled Intersection? Do we use the excuse ‘I don’t want to be late’ to justify speeding?

Even if we drive the same route every day to go to work, are we present while driving or on autopilot? How long would it take you to notice if the speed limit was changed or if a new road sign was installed?

This post isn’t meant to nag or shame us as drivers, but perhaps to give us the opportunity to stop and think a little about if we are being a safe as possible while we drive ourselves and others in our vehicle?

The Ministry of Transportation has a variety of pages to explain the rules of the road, the same information is available in the Driver’s Handbook as well for the Level Two Road Test

Perhaps take a few minutes to double-check a few rules and make sure you’re driving as safe as possible.

The coming days, weeks and months will provide us with more details of the long story but unfortunately will not change what happened on Friday 6th April 2018 outside Tisdale, Saskatchewan. What it can hopefully do is help prevent another tragedy like this from occurring again by all of us when we are driving to Pay Attention, Slow Down, Yield and Stop.